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Gel like, low acid cleaner dissolves stubborn stains on toilets, sinks, urinals or other porcelain, ceramic, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces.

Price: $69.95

    Bowl & Basin Cleaner

    Toilets and sinks gather filth and grime like you wouldn't believe. Obliterate and eliminate bacteria with Bowl & Basin Cleaner.

    • RTU (Ready to Use)
    • Safe, Effective, Non-Fuming
    • Powerful, Clinging, Stain Removing Formula

    We’ve all been there- holding your breath while using a bowl cleaner. Harsh acid bowl cleaners can be effective at removing scale. However, they can burn your eyes and be harmful to airways and skin. Hardcore is different! This cutting-edge cleaner is just as effective, without the dangers and harmful drawbacks of traditional acidic bowl cleaners. Non-acid bowl cleaners (NAC) have long been a safer alternative to acid cleaners. However, they are typically not as effective and are useless against scale and hard water stains. Hardcore Bowl & Basin Cleaner’s revolutionary formulation utilizes Hardcore’s acid replacement technology and proprietary cleaning surfactants to give you the best bowl cleaner available.

    Hardcore Bowl & Basin Cleaner has the power to dissolve stubborn stains on toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, wash basins, and most other porcelain, ceramic, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces. This powerful bowl cleaner leave restrooms smelling fresh and sparkling clean. Hardcore is a safer solution than other bowl cleaners available today. Hardcore contains no toxic chemicals, chlorine bleach or hydrochloric acid. Hardcore Bowl & Basin Cleaner is safer for you, your facilities, and the environment. Hardcore will not react with other cleaners and its proprietary acid replacements.