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About Us

After years in the cleaning industry, we grew tired of countless over-hyped and under-performing chemicals that took a soft approach to hard work.

Cleaning is a downright dirty business. When you face a serious cleaning challenge, the products you choose can make all the difference. Whether it's an auto shop, restaurant, school, or office building, you can't afford to use just any old cleaning chemicals; you need them to be Hardcore.

Hardcore Labs arose as the solution to products that just didn't work. We have over 20 years of experience each in multiple areas of the cleaning industry-- which is plenty of time to realize that clean doesn't have to be sterile and boring. Your products just need to perform.

Labs alone were not the birthplace of our products; we put our own dirty hands to work after having seen the most nightmarish kitchens, the greasiest of auto shops, and restrooms no individual should even step into.

Chemicals are supposed to make your job easier, so don't waste your time on products that are gimmicky, watered-down products, or just overly perfumed liquids. We make products with only one objective: get the job done.

Hardcore is committed to providing you the best and absolute Hardcore Clean because we firmly believe, whatever you are, be Hardcore.