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Available Sizes:

Larger quantities available upon special order.

Price: $19.95



    Specifically designed to remove the most difficult scale, scum, and hard water buildup.

    • Fast Action
    • Attacks Calcium & Lime Buildup
    • Safer Acid Replacement

    When hard water minerals are allowed to build up over time, the result can be a daunting restoration project. No one likes working with hazardous mineral acids, but turning to these dangerous chemicals can often be your only option- until now. Hardcore Industrial Descaler is a safer and more effective option to your industrial sized mineral scale problems. Our revolutionary acid replacement will consume the mineral deposits faster and with less effort than anything you’ve used before. With Hardcore, there’s no scrubbing necessary. Metals, masonry, glass, plastics, and other surfaces can now be stripped free from scale without the risks of traditional acid descalers. Say goodbye to hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric, and sulphuric acid products, and say hello to Hardcore Industrial Descaler.

    Quantities Available with Special Orders: